What is occupational therapy?

Occupational therapy is a science-based, health and social care profession regulated by the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC). Occupational therapy offers a holistic approach to health and is occupation focussed i.e. the “doing” aspect of living. Your daily and weekly activities (occupations) shape your identity, and bring meaning, purpose and structure to your life. When you are unable to do those activities, your sense of wellbeing and quality of life suffers. OT33 are here to support and empower you to overcome any barriers, so that you can reclaim the identity, meaning, purpose and structure you want to your daily lives.

Our OT33 occupational therapists take a whole-person approach to your physical and mental health. We place you at the heart of intervention, to guide us on what is most important to you. We work with you to overcome the barriers that are preventing you from enjoying your independence, wellbeing and occupations. This means not only addressing the physical effects of your disability, illness or life circumstance, but also addressing your cognitive, psycho-social, spiritual and cultural needs too.

Our occupational therapists understand the delicate interplay between you as a person and your various environments. At OT33, we fully appreciate the importance of your social connections and support network, as well as the impact our physical environments can have on our ability to function in the way we want to.

Occupational therapists understand that life’s experiences and everyday challenges can change, sometimes over a period of time and sometimes suddenly and without warning. With such changes often comes a shift in priority and focus. We help you to adjust to life’s changes by setting relevant, timely and meaningful goals, and supporting you to progress towards them. Our ultimate goal is to encourage and enable you to engage and participate in those activities that are most important to you and help you achieve your full potential.
Based in Northamptonshire, we cover all surrounding counties including London. We are able to cover other geographical areas, North to South, upon request.
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