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All the occupational therapists at OT33 hold Level 4 Advanced People Handling and Risk Assessment Key Trainer's Certificates via EDGE Services. If you require support at home, we can work with family members, care agencies and directly employed support teams to ensure that your needs are met and that they fully understand the difficulties you have getting around your home and completing personal care and domestic tasks.

We are able to complete moving and handling risk assessments, to address any hazards present during moving and handling tasks and minimise any risks to you and your carers. This may involve recommending and putting in place equipment such as slide sheets, hoists and slings, or specialist beds, baths and chairs. 
We deliver bespoke moving and handling training and provide on-going support to anyone who is assisting you. Regular moving and handling training consists of both theory and practical training, to ensure that everyone is kept up-to-date with current legislation, that competencies are reviewed and that everyone is confident when supporting you, including how to use all of the equipment put in place for you safely. Theory booklets and certificates are provided following every training session.

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Consultancy Services for Nursing Care and Residential Homes

If you are a nursing care or residential home, and have been unable to receive timely assessment from statutory services in relation to the moving and handling and equipment needs of your residents, we can help.

We can provide moving and handling risk assessments, as per above, and assess for suitable equipment for your residents. This may include provision of seating and postural equipment, such as static or dynamic chairs and night-time postural support and bed positioning systems, and/or moving and handling aids to keep your residents and staff safe.

We can also deliver mandatory or bespoke moving and handling training to support staff as required.

Based in Northamptonshire, we cover all surrounding counties including London. We are able to cover other geographical areas, North to South, upon request.
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