Housing & Equipment
As specialist housing and equipment occupational therapists, we are here to support you to create a living environment that is functional, safe and inclusive, working in line with your personal goals and the daily activities that are most important to you.

We pride ourselves on understanding that, whilst all disabled adaptations and equipment recommended for your property should meet your functional and support needs, we are also recommending things for your home. We therefore will always work alongside you, and your support network, to understand what you want your environment to look and feel like, in the context of your needs and the problems you are facing.
What potential problem areas can we address?
  • Access in and out of your home
  • Indoor & outdoor mobility
  • Cooking & household activities
  • Transfers
  • Bed mobility
  • Bathing & showering
  • Use of stairs and steps
  • Personal care & dressing
  • Seating & postural support
  • Carers accommodation
  • Access to garden
  • Hobbies
  • Falls
What can you expect when working with a housing and equipment occupational therapist?


The occupational therapy process starts with meeting with you, and any family members or carers involved in your life, to complete an occupational therapy assessment in your home environment.

We begin the assessment by discussing what is currently causing you difficulties, what roles and responsibilities you have, what support you have around you and what daily activities, current and future, are most important to you.

We observe how you move around your home and how you function within it. What we look at most closely during the observational part of the assessment will very much depend on what you initially tell us about your main concerns and priorities, although other issues may arise as the assessment progresses.

We assess your home environment to determine what options there are to make things easier for you, and enable you to get back to doing what you need and want to do safely and independently, or with the appropriate level of support. This may involve taking any measurements or photos we need to, with your consent.

We consider the 'whole you'.

As holistic therapists we utilise a whole-person approach. This means that, whilst you may have initially come to us to assist with your housing and equipment needs, other things may come to light as you tell us your story and reflect on what is most important to you and how you want to live your life.

You may be struggling with poor sleep, daytime fatigue or reduced memory and want support to manage these areas in the context of your life and activities. You may wish to return to a hobby that you once valued, but have been unable to do for a while due to your injury or disability, or you may wish to explore some new occupations to increase your sense of purpose and wellbeing. We will offer support and guidance where we can, using an occupation-based approach, or signpost/refer you on to other services.


Following initial assessment, we provide you with recommendations for what we consider would help you. These recommendations are always in the context of what is most important to you and your goals.

Housing and equipment recommendations could be anything from a simple grab rail or minor piece of equipment, such as a raised toilet seat or wheeled walking frame, through to more major adaptations and specialist equipment such as stair lifts, doorway widening, level access showers, through floor lifts, hoists, specialist chairs or whole home renovations or extensions.

Assistive technology may also be recommended to help you with memory problems and daily activities, maintaining your independence and confidence at home, keeping you safe, helping you socialise and engage in activities you enjoy, and maintaining safety when walking.


After we have made our recommendations we can provide follow-on support to get things in place for you.

As housing occupational therapy specialists, we have many years of experience working alongside architects and contractors, to ensure that any works designed and completed will meet your long-term needs, and are carried out as per the agreed specifications. You may have already appointed an architect or contractor, or we can support you to find a suitable one to assist you.

We work very closely with equipment providers, attending equipment trials and adjustment visits as required, to ensure that any equipment put in place is right for you.

We also work very closely with clinical case managers and Court of Protection deputies as appropriate, to help obtain the support and funding you need in relation to your housing and equipment needs.


If you are looking to move home, either for personal reasons or because your current home cannot be adapted to meet your needs, we can help you to find an alternative property. We can carry out property searches with you, to find a home suited to your needs and wishes.

Whether you are seeking to purchase a home or privately rent, we can liaise with estate agents to organise viewings, and can provide supporting documentation to anyone involved in your property purchase or rental, such as landlords, architects, case managers and Court of Protection deputies. We can also advise on the suitability of the property, and what adaptations may or may not be required to make it perfect for you and your needs.

We are also able to support you with social housing applications, whether it is a new application or if you are applying to exchange to a more accessible property. We can provide recommendation letters to housing associations and councils, to support the type of property you require and any adaptations you may need. We can also attend any property viewings with you.

Consultancy Services for Housing Associations, Borough Councils and Contractors
We offer specialist housing occupational therapy consultancy services, to provide support with the following: prioritising and reviewing disabled housing applications; assessing the needs of individual disabled tenants; and offering advice during new builds and property refurbishments, to ensure that buildings comply with current accessibility standards.
Based in Northamptonshire, we cover all surrounding counties including London. We are able to cover other geographical areas, North to South, upon request.
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